24th January 2016 at 1:47pm

Also known as ReligousWars.

Daddy or Chips?

Daddy with chips (and lots of salt and vinegar and ketchup).

Mac or Windows?

Windows for my home desktop computer, OS X for my work and personal laptops, FreeBSD for my personal storage server, Linux other miscellenaous servers, MS-DOS for old games, and FreeDOS under Windows for running my dad's business. ;-) They all have their place.

Playstation or Xbox?


Vim or Emacs?

Vim; I never learned Emacs. I grew up on DOS Edit.exe and Edlin, later progressing to UniData & UniVerse's Ed editor, and EditPlus+ on Windows. I quite like Sublime Text 3. I used to use Pico when I used Pine as my primary mail client, but can't get on with Pico or Nano ever since I learned Vi and Vim.

Amiga or Atari?

I owned an Atari STfm 520 as a child, but I really like the old Commadore history just as much as Atari.

Android vs iOS?

iOS on my iPad Mini, and Android on my phone and small home entertainment appliances. I like the configurability of Android on my phone, and rich ecosystem for home entertainment appliances. I value the simplicity and simple slick interface of iOS for my tablet.

Vinyl vs CD?

Vinyl to collect, touch, look at and admire as a beautiful evolution of technology and music. High quality digital media downloads for actually listening to. I only use CDs for installing old computers that don't have PXE capable NICs, bootable USB support or bootable DVD drives.

Console vs PC?

Console for playing GTA V and co-operative PixelJunk games like Shooter. PC for RTS and MMORPGs like Total Annililation, Supreme Commander, Sim City, Cities, Terraria, World of Warcraft (WotLK) etc.

Cats or Dogs?

Cats to be owned by, other people's freshly bathed and well behaved dogs for brief play fun with.